1. Childhood and Youth

101. Childhood and Youth Alexander/Dillenburg/Swietlicki /Søland
103. Child Welfare in the Longue Durée - Transnational Perspectives Bjerre
104. Author Meets Critic/Book Session/Roundtable/Youth Squad: Policing Children in the Twentieth Century Alexander
105. Childhood and the "Healthful" Environment: Disease, Morality, and Reformation Yang
107. Children's Culture, Toys, and Media Dillenburg
108. Silences and Limitations in Adoption and Foster Care Archives Dillenburg
109. Gender and Childhood Dillenburg
110. Ideologies of Childhood Dillenburg
111. Childhoods during Times of Crisis and Conflict Dillenburg
112. Generations: Relations, Aspirations, and Conflicts Dillenburg
113. Captive and Contested Childhoods Dillenburg

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

201. Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff/Svedin
202. Female Offenders and the Victims of Crime Inwood
203. Law Enforcement and Social Changes Shiff
204. Differences and Similarities in Crime and Justice over Time and Space Shiff

3. Culture

301. Culture Arnold/Büyükokutan/Dromi
302. Temporalities I: Global Politics and Temporality Mukerji
303. Temporalities II: Political Practices of Stopping Time Mukerji
304. Author Meets Critics: City of the Good: Nature, Religion, and the Ancient Search for What Is Right by Michael M. Bell Dromi
305. Author Meets Critic: Breaching the Civil Order: Radicalism and the Civil Sphere, Edited by Jeffrey Alexander, Trevor Stack and Farhad Khosrokhavar Kane
306. Author-Meets-Critics: Entitled: Discriminating Tastes and the Expansion of the Arts Büyükokutan
307. Reimagining Research Traditions: New Approaches to Method and Measurement Schoon
308. Cultural Projects and Counter-Projects Arnold
309. Re-reading the Culture Canon Arnold
310. Emotions and Memory in Culture Arnold

4. Economics

401. Economics Meyer/Saaritsa/Eloranta/Burnette
403. Capital and Capital Markets in Early Modern China and Japan Keliher
404. Capitalism in 20th-Century China Keliher
405. "19th Century US Economic History of Land, Property, and Wealth" Curtis, Jr.
406. Histories of Official Statistics Meyer
408. Taming Death? Mortality, Economic Development and Interventions in 19th-20th c. Europe Saaritsa
409. History of Economic Thought Sprick Schuster
410. Politics Sprick Schuster
411. Trade & Globalization Sprick Schuster
412. Immigration & Land Markets Sprick Schuster
413. Social Networks and Innovation 1 Sprick Schuster
414. Health Sprick Schuster
415. Occupational Structure Sprick Schuster
416. Wealth, Tax, Inequality Sprick Schuster
417. Social Networks and Innovation 2 Sprick Schuster

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

501. The Social Origins of Disciplines Baker/Myers/Steward
502. Author Meets Critics: On the Heels of Ignorance: Psychiatry and the Politics of Not Knowing by Owen Whooley Craciun
503. Higher Education and State-Building since 1945: Comparative Perspectives, Part I Stevens
504. Higher Education and State-Building since 1945: Comparative Perspectives, Part II Stevens
505. Expertise I: STS Lessons for Policy Impact Griffen
506. Book Session: Mobilizing Mutations by Daniel Navon Griffen
507. Expertise II:Expertise at the Intersection of Biology and Social Science Griffen
508. Expertise III: The Politics of Expertise: Measurement, Data, and Decision-Making Griffen
509. Expertise IV: The Politics of Status in Fields of Expertise Griffen
510. Expertise, Risk and Regulation Baker
511. Constructing Agency, Constructing Metrics Baker
512. Reform and Regulation of Schools Baker
513. Constructing Economies and Economists Baker
514. Pathways in Education Myers

6. Family Demography

603. Work Life Balance for Females in Pre-Industrial Societies Fauve Chamoux
604. Men, Women and Inheritance Moring
605. Critical Perspectives: Citizens in the Realm of Data Roberts
606. Roundtable: Teaching Social Science History — Approaches Across the Disciplines Roberts
607. New Approaches Studying Social Inequality Nagata
608. Early life events and determinants Nagata
609. Studying migration through linked micro data Nagata
610. Shocks and fertility responses Nagata
611. The value of US census data: applicatons and privacy Nagata
612. Advances in methods and applications of record linkage Nagata
613. Multi-generational approaches to social mobility Nagata
614. Survivial in risky environments Nagata
615. Impact on fertility and longevity Nagata
616. Family and region: income and work inequality explained Nagata
617. Couples' decisions: marriage, kin and locality Nagata
618. Health, mortality and inequality Nagata

7. Health, Medicine and Body

701. Health, Medicine and Body Tatarek/Caron
702. Disease, Health and Sovereignty White
703. Health Governance: Historical Moves toward 'Inclusion' Garrett
709. Caring for Physical And Emotional Health Tatarek
710. Disease, Epidemics and Industrial Medicine Tatarek
711. Mortality and Disability in Transnational Comparison Tatarek

8. Historical Geography and GIS

801. Historical Geography and GIS Kennedy/Trepal
802. Segregation Trepal
803. Health and Hazards Trepal
804. Emerging Methods 1 Trepal
805. Urban Historical Geography and GIS Trepal
807. On the Move: Migrant and Immigrant Experiences Kennedy
809. Project Roundtable: Historical New York City Kennedy
810. Going Public: Participatory GIS and Public History Kennedy

9. Labor

904. Conservative Workers and Union Struggles during the Twentieth Century Wood
905. Inequality at Work (Joint Session With Race and Ethnicity and Labor Networks) Ivory
906. Labor Dynamics in East Asia Ivory
907. The Struggle for Power and Control in the Workplace Ivory
908. The Determinants of Wages Groeger
909. Strategies for Collective Action and Organizing Groeger
910. Conditions of Worker Power Groeger
911. Adaptations to a Changing Workforce Groeger

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1002. Author Meets Critic: Taming Capitalism before Its Triumph by Koji Yamamoto He
1003. How Data, Metadata, and Tools Shape Questions and Answers Milligan
1004. Historical Forms of Causation Ermakoff
1005. How Noisy Is History? Kreuzer
1006. Panel 2: Historical Causation Ahmed
1007. Author meets critics: First Class Passengers on a Sinking Ship: Elite Politics and the Decline of Great Powers (Richard Lachmann) Hung
1008. Complex Government Data: Integrating Disciplines and Methods Clifford
1009. Author Meets Critics: Power in Modernity by Isaac Ariail Reed Greenland
1010. US-China Relation in Flux: Past, Present, Future Hung
1011. Author Meets Critics: Power over Property: The Political Economy of Communist Land Reform in China by Matthew Noellert Noellert
1012. New Perspectives on Historical Capitalism II Hung
1013. New Perspectives on Historical Capitalism I Hung
1014. Contentions and State Formation Hung
1015. Late Developmentalist China Hung
1016. Empire and Hegemony in Interstate Systems Hung
1017. Events, Structures, and Causality in Social Sciences Hung

11. Migration/Immigration

1104. Author Meets Critic: Unwanted: Italian and Jewish Mobilization against Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1882–1965 by Maddalena Marinari Hester
1105. Book Session: America for Americans by Erika Lee Marinari
1108. "Are Italians White"? Continuing to Debate Processes of Racialization across Time and Space Jackson
1109. Immigration Policy, Household Workers, and the Politics of Reproductive Labor Waldron
1111. Foodways, Transatlantic Networks, and Identities Zanoni
1112. Author Meets Critic: On Many Routes. Internal, European, and Transatlantic Migration in the Late Habsburg Empire by Annemarie Steidl Zanoni
1115. Ethnicity and National Identity Formation Across Borders Zanoni
1116. Migrant Voices, Agency, and Resilience Zanoni
1117. The Economy and Markets of Migration Flows Zanoni
1118. Nation Making Through Empire, Settlement, and Revolution Zanoni
1119. Migrant Exclusion and Control at and within Borders Zanoni
1120. The Politics and Policies of Migration Regulation Zanoni

12. Politics

1202. Author Meets Critic / Book Session "Politics of Empowerment: Disability Rights and the Cycle of American Policy Reform" by David Pettinicchio Pettinicchio
1203. Author Meets Critic: Rivalry and Revenge: The Politics of Violence during Civil War by Laia Balcells Balcells
1204. Popular Science: Political Entanglements and Professional Boundaries in 20th-Century Political Science Winkelman
1205. Author Meets Critic: Protectors of Pluralism: Christian Protection of Jews in the Low Countries during the Holocaust by Robert Braun Seguin
1206. Parties, Networks, and Field: New Data, New Methods. Zhang
1207. The Performance of Politics Bittner
1208. Interest Groups and Lobbying between Economy and Politics: Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Issues Ron-El
1209. Author Meets Critics: Suzanne Mettler and Robert Lieberman, Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy Lieberman
1211. The 2020 Election in Historical Perspective McQuarrie
1212. Democracy and the “Populist” Moment in the Global South Garrido
1213. Author-Meets-Critics: Cedric De Leon, 2019. Crisis! When Political Parties Lose the Consent to Rule. Stanford University Press. Mudge
1214. Many Reinventions: New Approaches to the Democratic Party from the Great Depression to Obama Gavigan
1217. Parties and Party Formation Mudge
1218. Foreign Policy, Military Power and Colonial Rule Mudge
1219. Revolution, Communication and Religion in the Middle East Mudge
1220. Theoretical Advances in the Study of Politics Mudge
1221. Morality and Political Economy Mudge
1222. State-Building, Law and Administration Mudge
1223. Representation and Electoral Politics Mudge
1224. Culture and Politics Mudge
1225. Civil Society and Associational Culture Mudge
1226. Social Movements, Culture, Identity Mudge

13. Public Finance

1302. Housing Policy in the Late 20th Century Martin
1303. Ideas, Expertise, and Policy Environments Barnes
1304. Making States, Making Markets Barnes
1305. Laboratories of Public Finance? Subnational governments and tax policy Barnes
1306. Public Finance and Inequality: Historical and Theoretical approaches Barnes

14. Race and Ethnicity

1402. Asians and the Construction of Ethnic Identities: Nationalism, Colonialism, and Power Relations Seah
1403. Transhistorical Approaches to Race and Racism in Germany: Synthesizing and Charting a Future Doten-Snitker
1405. Author Meets Critic: The Sociology of W. E. B. Du Bois by José Itzigsohn and Karida L. Brown Rodríguez-Muñiz
1406. Empire, Citizenship and Racial Subjectivity Hammer
1407. Navigating Race In and Between Neighborhoods Martinez-Cola
1408. Black Enslavement and Rebellion in the Caribbean Martinez-Cola
1409. Anti-Asian Sentiment in the Americas Martinez-Cola
1410. Confronting Scientific Racism Martinez-Cola
1411. Race and The Crucible of War Martinez-Cola
1412. From the Periphery to the Center: Ethnoracial Claims and the State Martinez-Cola
1413. Racial Meaning and Institutions Martinez-Cola
1414. Fake News, Fiction, and Fairness: Fictive Constructions of Race Martinez-Cola

15. Religion

1503. Author Meets Critics: Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion, by Melissa J. Wilde Mayrl
1504. Book Session: Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment (by Ahmet Kuru) Peker
1505. Above the Fray: The Red Cross and the Making of the Humanitarian NGO Sector by Shai Dromi Saeed
1506. Max Weber's Sociology of Religion: New Directions and Possibilities Saeed
1507. States, Political Parties and Religious Commitments Saeed
1508. Institutions, Social Structures and Religious Dynamics Saeed
1509. Religion in Colonial and Postcolonial Perspectives Nelson

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

1601. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Leonard/MacFadyen
1602. Land Prices in the Antebellum Mississippi and Missouri Valleys Oberly
1603. Community Development and Resistance Leonard
1604. Environmental Histories of Soil and Water Leonard

17. States and Society

1701. States and Society Cohen/Ackerman/Gill/Noy
1703. Empires and Nation-States Leanza
1704. Author Meets Critics: Empires of Vice: The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia by Diana S. Kim Morgan
1705. Colonial State Legacies and Postcolonial Development Owolabi
1706. Borders and Borderlands in the Middle East and North Africa I Ahram
1707. Borders and Borderlands in the Middle East and North Africa II Ahram
1708. Intoxicants, States and Society in North-Western Europe since 1600 Withington
1709. The Minority Question at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919-1923 Thompson
1710. Roundtable: Politics, Economy, and Legitimation Crisis: Approaches to Studying Legitimacy in Unsettled Times Schoon
1711. Counter-Narratives in Migration, Education, and Development Song
1712. Who Governs?: Power and Policymaking in the States Lotesta
1713. Environmental Policy in Subnational Contexts Basseches
1714. Author Meets Critic: The Making of the Populist Movement: State, Market, and Party on the Western Frontier by Adam Slez Greenland
1715. Civil Rights and Social Policy in the United States Ramanathan
1717. Mobility and Empire: West African Children, Students, and Voters in the French Empire Fink
1718. Strategic Culture and Sovereignty: Challenges of the In-Between Space Miklossy
1719. Power and Normativity 1: Power, Religion and Subjectivity Greenland
1720. Can Revolutions Be Permanent? Methodological Shortcomings in Assessing Revolutionary Outcomes Alemzadeh
1721. Authors Meet Critics: Lieberman and Mettler, Four Threats: The Recurring Crises of American Democracy Lieberman
1722. Subnational Politics 3: Education and Welfare Policy Pacewicz
1723. Power and Normativity 2: Historicity, Normativity and State Bureaucracy Greenland
1724. Power and Normativity 3: Knowledge and Power Greenland
1725. Author Meets Critics: Patchwork Leviathan by Erin Metz McDonnell McDonnell
1726. Boundary Making and Resistance: Categorization and Classification Struggles in Africa, Asia, and the Americas Bohrt
1727. Book Session: Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion by Fred L. Block Quinn
1728. Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements Rasit
1729. Policies and State-building: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives McDonagh
1731. States as Organizations: Public Administration in the Global South McDonnell
1732. Editors Meet Critics: New Handbook of Political Sociology Cohen
1733. Changing Regimes: Processes and Consequences Cohen
1734. Inclusion and Exclusion in the Construction of Nationalism Cohen
1735. State Coercion, Security Entrepreneurship, and Social Control Cohen
1736. Comparing Trajectories of Development: Asian and African Cases Cohen
1737. Citizenship and Ethnicity Cohen
1738. State Formation in China: Imperial, Republican, and Post-Revolutionary Cohen
1739. Right-Wing Government Then and Now: Portugal and Brazil Cohen
1740. States and Social Sciences Cohen
1741. Imperial States: Interests and Autonomy Cohen

18. Urban

1801. Markets, Capitalism, and Institutions of Urbanism Diwakar/Levenson
1802. Author Meets Critic: Manufactured Insecurity by Esther Sullivan Sullivan
1803. Politics, Populations, and Uprisings in Urban History Diwakar
1804. Inequalities of Rent, Eviction, and Property Diwakar

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

1903. Prefigurative Politics, Alternative Social Policy Futures Orloff
1905. Women in American Individualist Politics Vukadinovic
1906. Social Politics 2: Intersectionality and social politics in the global South and North Orloff
1907. Classifying States, Gender, and the Creation of the Deserving and Undeserving Orloff
1908. Social Politics 1: Prefigurative politics, alternative social policy futures Orloff
1909. From Problem-Girls to Radical Girlhood: Re-Thinking Repertoires of Control and Resistance in the 20th and 21st Centuries Grisard
1910. Mothers' Rights, Health, and the Politics of Reproduction Grisard
1911. Political Histories of Gender Inequality: Regulating Sexuality and Reproduction Pieper-Mooney
1912. Legitimizing LGBTQ Histories and Rights Pieper-Mooney
1913. Discrimination, Degradation, and Deaths: Gendered Histories of Violence from the 18th to the 20th Centuries Pieper-Mooney
1914. Feminisms, Gender, and the Politics of Exclusion: From Historical Evidence to Theoretical Frames Pieper-Mooney
1915. The Politics of Gender, Culture, Fashion, and Women's Rights Pieper-Mooney

21. SSHA Sessions

2101. SSHA Members Meeting: Feedback and Brainstorming Hoffman
2102. Network Meeting - Childhood and Youth Alexander/Dillenburg/Swietlicki /Søland
2103. Network Meeting - Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff/Svedin
2104. Network Meeting - Culture Arnold/Büyükokutan/Dromi
2105. Network Meeting - Economics Meyer/Saaritsa/Eloranta/Burnette
2106. Network Meeting - Education, Knowledge and Science Baker/Myers/Steward
2107. Network Meeting - Family Demography Nagata/Zijdeman
2108. Network Meeting - Health, Medicine and Body Tatarek/Caron
2109. Network Meeting - Historical Geography and GIS Kennedy/Trepal
2110. Network Meeting - Labor Groeger/Wood/Walter/Ivory
2111. Network Meeting - Macrohistorical Dynamics Hung/Lee/Little/Reed
2112. Network Meeting - Migration/Immigration Zanoni/Condit-Shrestha/Waldron
2113. Network Meeting - Politics Thurber/Mudge
2114. Network Meeting - Public Finance Barnes/Michelmore
2115. Network Meeting - Race and Ethnicity Jewell/Ivory/Martinez-Cola
2116. Network Meeting - Religion Peker/Nelson/Saeed
2117. Network Meeting - Rural, Agricultural and Environmental Leonard/MacFadyen
2118. Network Meeting - States and Society Cohen/Ackerman/Gill/Noy
2119. Network Meeting - Urban Diwakar/Levenson
2120. Network Meeting - Women, Gender and Sexuality Grisard/Pieper-Mooney/Goessl/Roth